Golden State Gourd Society

Recently we received an email from the American Indian Film Gallery, Mr. Fred MacDonald, stating that he had a film, from his film archives, that we might be interested in.  It is footage that was filmed around 1974 regarding the formation of the Golden State Gourd Society, how it was formed, and some of the history of the Gourd Dance.

In it you will see some of the original founders and members.  At the time of this recording, the Golden State Gourd Society was still new, approx 3 yrs old.  It was filmed at the old LA Indian Center satellite office located in Huntington Park, Ca.

Some of the members you will see, Sonny Miller, who was then Vice-President, The late Melvin Deer, the late Howard Yackus, then President, then Wilbur Soloman says a few words.

Next there is footage of the initiation of Roy Cook and you can get a good idea of  how things use to be done. Seated at the drum are Charles Cozad, to his right is a young Steve Bohay, to Charlies left is Melvin Deer, Phil Bohay Sr, Mitchell Murdock, Steve Knifechief, Art Daugomah, Jim Lookinglass, Art Ketcheshawno. The rest is made up of various scenes from the dance, various participants, Kenneth Yackus, Les Hand, Randy Edmonds and others, and spectators, including Jack Allrunner, (Toni Allrunner Hawks father).

It was explained to Mr. MacDonald that this is a very significant and important find for our Organization.  With the loss of President Howard Yackus, all paperwork pertaining to the organization was lost forever.  It gives our current members a chance to see how this organization has revolved thru the years and our reason for keeping the tradition alive.

The Golden State Gourd Society would like to thank Mr. Fred MacDonald for this wonderful film and use thereof.

You can view other wonderful films at the AI Film Gallery.

Here is a direct link to the Gourd Society film and a link to the AI Film Gallery website.