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Kiowa Gourd Clan Celebration, 2006


July 2, 3 & 4, 2006

Carnegie Park, Carnegie, OK





Head Gourd Dance Singer:                  Dewayne Tofpi

Head War Dance Singer:                      Steve Bohay

Head War Dancer:                                 Joey Tosee

Head Lady Dancer:                               Emily Blackdeer

Bugler:                                                    Bill Bartee


Bobby Thompson, Ron TwoHatchet, Hammond Motah






6:00 AM          Prayer and Flag Raising

9:00 AM          Rations

10:00 AM                Rabbit Dances (second and last day)

11:00 AM                Brush Dance

2:00 PM          Gourd Dancing

5:00 PM          Lower Flag & Supper Break

7:00 PM          Processional, War Mother Songs &

                          Gourd Dancing

9:00 PM          War and Social Dancing


Public is welcome; bring your own chairs.

Concession available on site.

Security is provided.

No drugs or alcohol allowed.



Golden State Gourd Society President Steve Bohay was selected for the position of Head War Dance Singer for the 2006 Kiowa Gourd Clan Celebration at Carnegie Park, Carnegie, Oklahoma.  His nomination was based on the following criteria:

- Member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

- Member of the Kiowa Gourd Clan.

- Knowledge of Tribal songs and dependable

- Knowledge of protocol pertaining to the drum

Based on this criteria I guess you would say the Kiowa Gourd Clan feels that Steve is a good choice to serve in this capacity.  The 4th of July Celebration has a historical significance to the Kiowa,  it is a time when our forefathers used to gather for the annual Kiowa Sun Dance.  During the revival of the Kiowa Gourd Dance this time of year was selected to hold the celebration.  It is a time when the Kiowa gather to celebrate Independence Day, camp, fellowship and to uphold tribal traditions.

Throughout the years certain individuals are observed to serve in various capacities of the celebrations the Drum being one of the most important.  The Head Singer should be very knowledgable of the protocol and songs of the Kiowa people.  It takes years to achieve this status among the Kiowa People.  There are a very few within the tribe who are capable of this status.  The Head Singer is a leader, mentor and sets an example for future generations to come.

The Head Singer has to have a vast knowledge of songs.  When called upon the Head Singer has to know the songs of individuals, families, organizations and whatever the occasion may call for.  Steve has been very observant and has absorbed this knowledge.  This is why we feel he is capable to serve in this capacity as Head War Dance Singer.

Phil "Joe Fish" Dupoint
Secretary, Kiowa Gourd Clan


Phil Dupoint, aka Joe Fish, being honored

after being selected as the new Kiowa Gourd

Clan Secretary in Carnegie, Ok.  July 4, 2005